Dual Use Alloy Valves

Our firm is listed by the Spanish Ministry of Commerce in the Special Register for External Trade Operators in Defense and Dual-use Materials, and is therefore authorized to export dual-use alloy valves. European Union regulations closely monitor valves and other equipment made of nickel alloys and other exotics, such as Hastelloy®, Incoloy®, Inconel®, Monel®, titanium and Zirconium.

Specifically, valves with a Nickel (Ni) content above 40%, or a combination of 25% Ni and 20% Chrome (Cr) are subject to export restrictions and control. A specific export license must be obtained in order to ship valves outside the European Union, unless the end-user is located in a country-member of The Australia Group.


Our firm will obtain an export license for valves on order with us, if this is required. Full disclosure about the end user's location, the medium passing through the valve, as well as the operating pressure and temperature at that point is required. This disclosure must come directly from the end user and the original End User Declaration will be forwarded by us to the competent export authorities for review and approval.

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