Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves

Exotica Valves™ manufactures a unique line of butterfly valves: Exotica BXF™. Butterfly valves are mostly used in high-Cv, low pressure applications, and offer a far lower weight-to-diameter ratio than any other type of valves. They come in non-offset, rubber lined valves, double-eccentric (high performance) or triple-offset configurations.

Double-eccentric and Triple-Offset Butterfly valves

The shaft in double-offset or high-performance valves is slightly displaced with regard to the pipe centreline, which allows for the disc to only slightly interface with the seat when closing. Triple-eccentric butterfly valves have the same characteristics as double-offset valves, in addition to a third factor where the external profile of the disc or vane is machined to a conical shape. The upstream-projected cone faces the valve's upstream with the cone off-center with regard to the pipe. This is the third offset, which makes this type of butterfly valves triply offset with regard to the pipeline's centerline.

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