Pressure Seal Bonnet Valves

Exotica Valves™ manufactures a unique line of pressure seal valves. Pressure seal bonnets are uniquely designed to improve the body-bonnet seal as pressure increases. Typically, bolted bonnet valves are static, and are designed to keep the body-bonnet seal in check with the help of the studs, nuts and bolts drilled through the body and bonnet. As pressure increases, the probability of leakage increases with it. Pressure seal bonnets use an ancilliary, internal bolting mechanism. This mechanism consists of a set of spring-suspended pull-up bolts that also join the body and bonnet. As pressure increases, the body rises, and the springs that suspend the bolts yield to pressure, which in turn allows the rising body to press up against the body-bonnet joint and hence improve the seal. Pressure bonnet gate, globe and check valves are normally manufactured in Class 600, 900, 1500, 2500 and 4500.

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